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Mean Screen


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Mean Screen cleans and disinfects in an instant.


Dust, grime, dirt, and bacteria that get deposited onto cell phones, remote controls, eyeglasses and other personal items that we use on a daily basis not only damage your device, it also potentially can make you sick as 70% of all disease is spread by touch.


Mean Screen is specially formulated to safely remove deposits of any kind, including make-up and lipstick from your device without causing harm because it is:

- Environmentally friendly

- Non-corrosive

- Easy to use

- Highly effective, INSTANTLY

- Anti-static properties


Static load attracts dust particles onto Cell phone, Tablet, TV and other electronic equipment and natural skin secretions mix with the dust to form a paste that scratches the surface of the device, causing permanent damage. By removing the potential threat, you also prolong the life of your device.

Where can Mean Screen be used?

- Cell phones and Tablets of any description, touch-screen or manual operation.

- TV and Computer Screens, including Plasma, LCD, Glass etc.

- All types of remote controls i.e. gate, electronic device, car etc.

- Monitors used in any setting thinkable.


  • 100ml Mean Screen spray, Ready-to-use.
  • Microfiber cloth to wipe items with, [once a small area of the cloth is lightly sprayed with Mean Screen solution to clean, and the dry part used to wipe.]


When the cloth gets dirty, simply washcloth with dishwashing liquid, rinse well and leave to dry.




Hygiene & Health

Our products are manufactured in an MCC accredited facility.
Our facility is almost ISO 13485 accredited.

Hygiene and Health offers you problem specific solutions for everyday problems and challenges in any household and in most industries.


From biodegradable degreasers, animal health, non toxic disinfectants, disinfectant foggers, disinfecting of children's playsand, pet care, pest management solutions for both flying and crawlings insects (flies, ants, cockroaches, etc) to tick & flea control for dogs.

This is indeed your one stop problem solution shop!