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Biokill Extra GT

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This green-banded product is ready-to-use (no dilution necessary) for the control of:

  • Ants.
  • Fleas.
  • Bedbugs.
  • Spiders.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Ticks etc,

For smooth surfaces, for example, tiles, you will only use 50ml per square meter.  For rough surfaces, like bricks, you will only use 100ml per square meter. 

Rather than doing the pest control exercise every month, you would only need to apply the product every 3 months, because of the micro-encapsulation "slow releasing" technology.

This product will last between 10 – 12 weeks, thus having a direct result on cost-effectiveness.

BioKill Extra GT is available in:

- 1 Litre Trigger Spray 

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BioKill Extra GT - Quadex General

BioKill Extra GT - Poster

International Accreditations

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Test Results


Test Results

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