Biokill Equine & Stable Spray

R 320.71



BioKill Equine and Stable Spray is perfect for controlling all types of cold-blooded insects associated with horses and stables, including flies, biting midges, ticks, mosquitoes etc. 

BioKill Equine and stable spray Spray is non-toxic and can be sprayed and applied directly onto mules and donkeys as well.

For best results due to horses sweating excessively, apply twice daily and cover the entire body including the head. Use preferably in the early morning and very late in the afternoon after grooming.


EQUINE DWELLINGS: (stables and horse-boxes): Apply the ready to use product to the horse's stables, horse boxes, bedding, and feed store's walls at least at least every 10 days or sooner if required.

Apply at a rate of 20 - 25 ml BioKill Stable Spray / square meter.

Applications: Biting midges, house flies, stable flies & ticks.

BioKill Equine and Stable Spray is available in:

- 1.5 Litre - Pump Spray

- 5 Litre - Bulk

Download the BioKill Equine and Stable Spray Brochure here.

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Test Results