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BioKill Classic 375 ml


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BioKill Classic is suitable for use in domestic kitchens, storerooms, on curtaining and carpets and may be applied directly onto bedding and mattresses as well. BioKill Classic is safe to use in areas where children play.  

BioKill Classic is 1000 x less toxic than common table salt.

Ideal for cockroach elimination, fly pest control, ant removal, crawling bugs and getting rid of fleas.

BioKill Classic is a general purpose application and is ideal and safe for use throughout the house:

  • Use in the kitchen.
  • Use in clothing cupboards for fishmoths.
  • Use in bedroom areas.
  • Use in nursery schools.
  • Use in retirement villages.
  • Can even be used in hospital wards.
  • Ideal for use in food preparation areas.
  • Safe to use in restaurants.
  • Use in schools and offices.

This green-banded product is ready-to-use (no dilution necessary).

For outdoor use, BioKill Extra GT is recommended.

The application of BioKill Classic is endless.

Common uses for BioKill Classic:

  • Use as an insect spray.
  • Use to get rid of cockroaches.
  • Use to exterminate ants.
  • Get rid of crawling insects and bugs.
  • Get rid of fleas.
  • Get rid of bedbugs.
  • Get rid of spiders.
  • Get rid of ticks.
  • Get rid of flies.

BioKill Classic is available in:

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BioKill Classic

Bio Kill  Classic - Quadex General

 Bio Kill Classic - Quadex General

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Test Results

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