We do not believe in having a yearly BLACK FRIDAY……

We believe in having a MONTHLY WHITE FRIDAY.

Because of our commitment to be of the best service to our QUADEX PROFESSIONAL clients and to be of service to them within 48 hours, we at all times make sure that we carry 2 months’ worth of stock on our shelves of every single item we manufacture. We thus often have stock that needs to be CLEARED to make space for faster moving items or packaging that has become slightly warehouse soiled (nothing wrong with the product inside or the expiry date) and often we also have OVERRUNS in our production cycle because of us implementing our ISO: 13485 and the stringent quality protocols that need to be adhered to when producing a batch of product.

There is thus always some product left in the bottom of the tanks and we will thus rather pack the 2 litres, or 5 litres left in the tank and sell these as products that we cannot bring into our stock control system as single item specials.

Please note that these sales are not done through your affiliate and is on a first come first served basis and are sold as-is, so please check here often or when you get the e-mail please come here asap.

So, if you are interested in receiving our monthly CLEARANCE & OVERRUNS e-mails, please let us know as we DO NOT want to spam people. Please ask us to include you in our mailing list and we will happily do so. 

No specials at the moment. Please check back soon.


No overruns at the moment. Please check back soon.


No clearance products at the moment. Please check back soon.