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Love the annual BLACK FRIDAY? Well, we offer you a WHITE FRIDAY every month!

Why, you ask?

We are 100% committed to service excellence and our brand promise of delivering product to our QUADEX PROFESSIONAL clients, within 48 hours of order.

  • We always stock a two-month supply of every single product we manufacture.
  • Sometimes we need to clear space to make room for faster moving items.
  • Sometimes packaging can be slightly warehouse soiled (product is perfect and not expired)
  • Sometimes we have overruns during our ISO:13485 quality-accredited production cycle.
  • Mostly there is between two to five litres left in the bottom of the tanks, which we cannot bring into our stock control system.
  • We package the overrun as single item specials, sold as is, and at a great price.
  • These great bargains are on a first come, first serve basis, and are direct, i.e. not done through your affiliate.

If you’d like to be notified when our specials are running, let us know and we’ll pop you on our mailing list!



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