Animal Health™ Concentrate

R 191.02


Specifically formulated for the Veterinary, Breeders, and Pet care market.
Animal Health™ contains the active anti-microbial ingredient Quadex®, a balanced range of detergents, sequestering agents, alkalis and grease cutters - providing a solution that eliminates pathogenic microbes responsible for the spread of disease, thereby giving you peace of mind.

  • Contains NO SOAP.

NB: Not suitable for washing animals and pets!

Concentrated for maximum strength. (Please see label for dilution rates)


  • Cleans, sanitises and disinfects.
  • Can be used on anything washable.
  • Removes odours.
  • Brightens colours.
  • Highly effective on fleece blankets.
  • Use with hot or cold water.
  • Use in hard or soft water.
  • Use to wash blankets.
  • Use to wash saddle pads.
  • Use to wash cloths.
  • Use to wash bags.
  • Use to wash towels.
  • Use to wash brushes.

Quadex® Animal Health™ provides a three-in-one formulation that cleans, sanitises and disinfects.

  • Use in Pet care centres.
  • Use in animal daycare facilities.
  • Can be used by pet carers.
  • Can be used by pet sitting companies.
  • Can be used by veterinarians.
  • Can be used by breeders.

Animal Health™ is available in:

- 1 Litre - Easy Dose Bottle

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Animal Health Concentrate - Quadex General