Sandpit Powder

R 489.56



Sandpit Powder has been specifically formulated to safely disinfect sandpits and play sand in Schools, Nursery Schools and Public Parks where the pit is used on a daily basis and subject to heavy human traffic. 1 kg will treat 1 cubic metre of sand.

Sandpits provide many hours of fun for children and allow for lots of different types of play, but unclean sandpits can cause infections, diarrhea, parasites and worms. Sandpits become contaminated when animals (particularly cats and dogs) and children use them as toilets. Toxoplasmosis can be spread from animals to humans through soiled sand and can result in rashes, swollen glands, fever and a general feeling of being unwell. It should be noted that once play sand becomes moist or wet it may be capable of sustaining microbiological growth. Clean and healthy sandpits will result in healthier, happier playing sessions.

Sandpit Powder is available in:

- 5 kg Buckets

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