Mean Screen

R 120.18


Mean Screen cleans and disinfects in an instant.


Dust, grime, dirt, and bacteria that get deposited onto cell phones, remote controls, eyeglasses and other personal items that we use on a daily basis not only damage your device, it also potentially can make you sick as 70% of all disease is spread by touch.


Mean Screen is specially formulated to safely remove deposits of any kind, including make-up and lipstick from your device without causing harm because it is:

- Environmentally friendly

- Non-corrosive

- Easy to use

- Highly effective, INSTANTLY

- Anti-static properties


Static load attracts dust particles onto Cell phone, Tablet, TV and other electronic equipment and natural skin secretions mix with the dust to form a paste that scratches the surface of the device, causing permanent damage. By removing the potential threat, you also prolong the life of your device.

Where can Mean Screen be used?

- Cell phones and Tablets of any description, touch-screen or manual operation.

- TV and Computer Screens, including Plasma, LCD, Glass etc.

- All types of remote controls i.e. gate, electronic device, car etc.

- Monitors used in any setting thinkable.


  • 100ml Mean Screen spray, Ready-to-use.
  • Microfiber cloth to wipe items with, [once a small area of the cloth is lightly sprayed with Mean Screen solution to clean, and the dry part used to wipe.]


When the cloth gets dirty, simply washcloth with dishwashing liquid, rinse well and leave to dry.