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How to keep your family healthy this winter.

Winter time - flu, colds, you name it.  It's a time of the year most people tend to get sick, some elderly folks might even get hospitalised due to pneumonia or the likes.

How to keep you family safe this winter - Hygiene & Health

Written by Mike van Niekerk — June 11, 2019

Hygiene & Health

Our products are manufactured in an MCC accredited facility.
Our facility is almost ISO 13485 accredited.

Hygiene and Health offers you problem specific solutions for everyday problems and challenges in any household and in most industries.


From biodegradable degreasers, animal health, non toxic disinfectants, disinfectant foggers, disinfecting of children's playsand, pet care, pest management solutions for both flying and crawlings insects (flies, ants, cockroaches, etc) to tick & flea control for dogs.

This is indeed your one stop problem solution shop!